Canine Suites

There are currently no regulations or guidelines for operating a pet care facility in Newfoundland; so the owners and staff at Terra Nova Kennels have come together to implement policies and guidelines suggested by leading industry professionals across North America! Why is this important? This ensures that your pet(s) will be staying in a happy, clean, healthy and safe environment while you are away.

Our canine boarding suites were specifically designed to be safe and strong with full sanitization in mind. These industry standard suites provide our guests with plenty of space and privacy.

Amenities included while boarding; daily room service, a Kuranda orthopedic bed, clean bedding and dishes, evening treat, calming music and socialization*.

We also offer plenty of extra services such as; grooming, swimming, walking, hiking, special treats and media packages that can be added on to enhance your pets boarding experience with us.

 With over 10,000sqft of indoor and outdoor play space your canine companion will receive plenty of daily exercise tailored to their specific needs.

(*Please refer to our Policy's page for information regarding socialization requirements)