Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare is a new concept to our area and not many people are aware of the rewarding advantages it can have for both you and your dog.

Proper early socialization is a key component to normal development and healthy brain function.  At daycare your dog will get to play with other friendly dogs in a fun, engaging and controlled environment. Our program is structured to exercise the body and the mind, while encouraging good canine manors.

This program is also great for that dog who is bursting with energy that you just can't seem to expel. Daycare is a complex day that will exhaust your pup and have them ready for bed when they go home!

Do you spend long days working? Take frequent trips to St. Johns? Spend time away from the house during the day? Then daycare is for you too! Rather than leaving your canine companion home alone all day, just bring them to daycare where they can play and have fun until you are ready to pick them up!

Daycare acceptance is dependent on an admission temperament test that must be booked beforehand.