Obedience Training

Group Classes - 8 week period

A small group of 4 - 6 dogs and handlers looking for complete basic, intermediate or advanced obedience. Extras may include; managing door barging, jumping, leash biting, barking and nipping

Private Lessons - 8 week period

Enrolling in Private Lessons with our trainer betters your chance of success with your dog, as all the time spent is focused on just you and your dog. With Private Lessons not only do you achieve basic obedience, but you can also kick those nasty habits your pooch may have. (Counter surfing, excessive barking etc.)

Semi Private - 8 week period

Have two dogs but can't decide which one to enroll in training? Why not do both!?

Semi-Private consists of two dogs and two handlers. While learning everything in a basic obedience program, you can also get assistance with some extra issues. Do you find walking each dog separately easy, but trying to walk them together a nightmare?

Learn how to handle two dogs at one time.

Semi Private is recommended for but not limited to, those who cannot dedicate their time to a specific day of the week, two dog families, families looking to get their kids involved etc.

Boarding School - 2 week period

Going on vacation ? With our boarding school program your dog can complete basic obedience while you sip pina coladas in Cuba, or hike through the Australian outback, or maybe you're just headed to the mainland to visit family. This is a program where your dog will stay with our trainer for two weeks during which they will complete the basic obedience program and can also kick some of those frustrating habits they may have at home. (Jumping up on furniture, counter surfing, etc.)

After the two week period you will receive 3 handling lessons, during which you learn how to handle your dog, and all the basic commands.

Boarding School is recommended for those who travel for work, those who cannot dedicate to 8 weeks of training, dogs with aggressive behaviors or tendencies, those afraid of their dog, etc.

At Terra Nova Kennels our biggest training tool is our reward.

Training both you and your dog will enjoy!